The gulf coast of central Florida is home to beautiful sunsets, pristine beaches, cultural wildlife, and indigenous cuisine.  Unknown to many, though, Florida's left coast is also home to top-notch live music.  From jammin' band music to the acoustic guitar echoes of regional solo performers, a wide range of entertainers are blessed to have their music enjoyed throughout this subtropical oasis.  One such entertainer is Daniel Childs.

Formerly a national touring musician, audiences across the United States have enjoyed Daniel Childs' music.  Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Daniel spent years touring the country in concert before settling in Florida as home. 

The influence of Memphis' musical heritage and the inspiration of Florida's gulf coast are both present in Daniel's music.  Performing a range of popular hits that span over four decades, Daniel sprinkles the ingredient of his own musical touch into each song he performs, making them his own, in a sense.  Perhaps it is this musical algorithm that has helped make him a favorite of Florida's locals and visitors alike.

Daniel is known locally for his dynamic acoustic guitar playing and heart-felt singing.  Solo, he has been a regular at many gulf coast venues, charming audiences with stellar renditions of their favorite songs from the "60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and beyond".

Daniel also plays from time to time with his rockin' three-piece band, the Daniel Childs Band - a group has been known to entertain crowds by playing songs that people love to hear. 

Make plans to catch Daniel in concert soon for a night of great music on Florida's gulf coast!