Daniel Childs Announces Plans for New Album 

Tampa Bay Singer-Songwriter-Entertainer Daniel Childs put listeners at ease this past June with the release of his first single, "Siesta Key", a song that he says is about "getting away from it all".  The single, written about the picturesque Gulf Coast beach town of Siesta Key, Florida has been reported by listeners to lend a moment's escape to the Florida coast when listening.  Childs has now announced that a full album of similar material is in the works to follow the single.

Daniel announced in a Facebook live stream in August that production for the album is underway, and candidly performed some of the songs that are projected to make the cut. "Siesta Key", the first single, will make the list.

"Everyone needs an escape," Daniel told us with regards to the project.  "A big part of the Florida lifestyle is having the ability to get away to the beach at the drop of a hat.  This music will be a great soundtrack to your escape, but much more so, I hope that it will provide that escape for people who can't get away."

The album, thoughtfully titled "Escape", is currently being recorded with intentions for a fall release.  The project is being self-produced by Childs, but features guest musicians from both Florida and Nashville.  Joining the list with "Siesta Key" are other anthems Childs has penned such as "Sanibel Day", "Troubles Behind" and "My Every Dream".

"Not every song will be about the beach," Childs went on to say, "but the Gulf Coast lifestyle will be reflected by the album.  It is a lifestyle of year-round summertime.  It is a lifestyle of salty water and sandy flip-flops.  It is a lifestyle of taking frequent breaks from working to enjoy a cold one outdoors with some friends.  And it is a lifestyle of staying as far away from stress as possible."

"Escape" is expected to be available on music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Napster, Amazon at www.danielchilds.com.

NOW AVAILABLE! "Siesta Key", new single from Daniel Childs  

Daniel Childs' refreshing new single, "Siesta Key", is now available for download on iTunes and for streaming on most music streaming platforms.  

The song is a thoughtful piece, in which Childs describes the simple yet impactful charm of getting away to Siesta Key, Florida to, as he puts it, "forget your cares".

"Man, I just hope this song refreshes people", Daniel Childs said on Monday.  "I want it to take you to another place when you listen to it.  Wherever you are, just for a moment, escape to the beach.  Get refreshed!"

Childs hopes to follow the single release with a music video and, later, a full-length album showcasing this song and a handful of others containing similar emotions and concepts.  The project is expected to be a very enjoyable listen.

Download the new single on iTunes, listen free on YouTube or stream using your favorite online music platform!

- Integrity Entertainment Local

NEW Single "Siesta Key" Set For Release June 20... 


I am very excited to announce that on June 20th, my new single "Siesta Key" releases to all digital music platforms!!  In 15 years of working professionally in music, this is actually the first time I've ever released a single.  Norma and I both are very excited for you to hear and download this song!!

"Siesta Key" is an original song that was inspired by a couple weekend getaways to the picturesque beach town a few years ago.  In the midst of stress, I found it therapeutic to get away for a weekend with my wife, and equally therapeutic to write songs about it.  My hope is that "Siesta Key" is a song you can put your headphones on and listen to wherever you are, and escape to the beach for a moment.  I also hope that this song is an encouragement to people dealing with stress.  Hang in there, better times are on the way.  And if all else fails, you can always just move to the beach.

Lord willing, I planning to follow this single release with a full album or EP.  I'm not sure yet how many songs, but "Siesta Key" will be one of them.  Be looking for a full project from me later this year, full of songs that I pray will be a breath of fresh air to you, and also a lot of fun to listen to on relaxing nights.

God bless you all, and thanks so much for supporting my music.

Daniel Childs

Onward we go... 

Wow!!  Where did the past... year go?!  One day I write that I'm gearing up for winter, and the next day I get the computer out to write that it's July.  Not sure where those seven or eight months went!

Norma and I have been so blessed to have now lived on the Florida Gulf Coast for just about five years.  Four and a half of those years, I have been playing solo gigs all over the central gulf coast, and I have to say that it's been a blessing.  Last time I wrote, my schedule was filling up for the winter months.  And sometime of the course of the winter, things really took off!  I've been playing live as frequently as ever, and it's a great time.

We are now in the midst of a hot summer here in central Florida.  The fourth of July has passed, and life has settled into a steadily busy remainder of the month.  I just now drove home in 94 degree heat to get ready for a late show tonight in Madeira Beach.

Whereas most of 2018 was spent playing private parties, most of 2019 so far has been spent in the local venues.  Angry Pepper Taphouse, Mad Pub, Seabreeze Island Grill, and Jimmy Guana's, just to name a few.  I've even played for private events as far north as Atlanta, Georgia this year!  Wherever there's a need for quality acoustic entertainment, I go if I'm available.  And it has been a lot of fun.

In Florida,  the live music calendar usually slows down for the summer, but it looks like I'll still be appearing at at least three venues regularly over the hot summer months.  I'm also available for booking as far ahead as January, so who knows how the fall might shape up.  I'm just grateful to be alive, serving God, loving my wife, enjoying life, and playing music.

Though I haven't done as many private parties this year, I'm still absolutely available.  If you need entertainment for a private event, shoot me an email via our contact page, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I really hope to have more news for you all soon!  Until then, God bless you, and thanks for reading this blog!

- Daniel

Gearing up for winter... 

What a summer it was!  Many of my friends don't stay in Florida all year, but retreat north for the hot summer.  I get it!  For me personally, however, one way I embrace Florida's Gulf culture is toughing out the long summers.  This past summer, for me, included a lot of driving with my window down, sweat sitting on my arms, frequent trips to the music store, and relaxing in air-conditioned rooms.  I did play a few outdoor shows in the summer heat, and had a great time!  I also had new photos taken by my wife during a beautiful weekend on Sanibel Island.

Fall is now here, and what we call "season" is picking up here in Florida.  The streets are a little fuller, and the beach joints are full of more patrons than just a couple months ago.  And as usually happens this time of year, my winter calendar for live music work is filling up!

I'm now booking for the remainder of 2018, as well as winter 2019, spring 2019, and even summer 2019!  I'm super excited about the dates already on my calendar, and also excited to book more.  I have availability for house parties (have done several in 2018), venues, beach gatherings, you name it!

Be sure to check out my EPK page for more info about me, and my testimonials page to see what clients are saying.  I would absolutely love to play at your event!  Get in touch today!

God bless and see you out there soon,

Daniel Childs

Welcome to the new site! 

I guess the most appropriate thing to say for my first blog entry here is "welcome to the new site".  Danielchilds.com has been online for nearly 15 years, and has seen many phases.  I think, though, that the best look yet is this sleek one powered by Bandzoogle.  With the addition of danielchildsmusic.com, hopefully I'll get more views to the site.

The purpose of this site is to keep you informed of my live entertainment business and my current musical projects.

A little about me.  I'm a full-time Worship Leader, and that's the main thing I do.  When I'm not doing that, I play gigs as a musician around the Pinellas County, FL area.  So, as you can imagine, I stay extremely busy.  Project-wise, I'm writing Christian songs right now and working on some recordings, and hoping it'll turn into something.

I'm a southerner by birth from the delta plains of West Tennessee, but a Floridian by the grace of God.  I live in Largo, FL and am happily married to my wife, Norma.  This summer we will celebrate our 4th anniversary.  We own a house now, which is quite a change-up from my previous adult life - which was always moving frequently from apartment to apartment, and city to city.  In Pinellas County, we have found a home, a church home, many friends, and even family.  So, for the first time in my life, I can say that it looks like we'll be staying put.

God has been so good to Norma and I.  He has shown us much, delivered us much, and changed us much.  His work in my life, my constant need to connect with Him, and the price He paid for my soul are the reasons that the original music I make is mostly Christian music.  These days, I spend a lot of time writing music for the Kingdom, and try sacrifice my music for a higher purpose.  I'm interested in the idea of recording a selection of original Worship songs and seeing how it sounds.

I do play secular music a lot, though, as a solo musician around Pinellas County, and I have a great time doing it.  As I write this, I'm getting ready to head to Clearwater for a gig tonight, at which I'll play a lot of hits from over the years that I'm a fan of.  And though writing secular tunes isn't my thing, I have enormous respect and admiration for many secular songwriters that I'm a fan of, such as Jackson Browne, Matt Scannell, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Steve Wariner, Bob Gaudio, and the list goes on.

For information on what I do live-music-wise, visit my EPK page by clicking here, and view my current schedule by clicking here.  Come out and catch a show for a night of fun acoustic music on the gulf coast.

Hope to have more to say soon!

God bless and thanks for visiting,

Daniel Childs