Daniel Childs releases new single, "Southbound"


Largo, FL, 9.7.23

I hope everyone is doing great out there! It's a beautiful day here in Florida, and as I write, I'm on the mend from being under the weather - which didn't stop me from playing a fun gig last night in St. Pete Beach.

Ahh, I love releasing new music. And I'm trying to do so more often! This new tune “Southbound” is guaranteed to get your toes tapping and make you feel like going to the beach. It's a fun, upbeat tune with an island vibe that contains lyrics about very real life experiences.

In late 2022 I played a show one night between the buildings of downtown Tampa. There was no captive audience, but I gave it my best effort and spent what energy I had left from my week of shows. And then after a tiresome load-out process, I hit the road.

Relieved to arrive at the ramp to merge onto I-275 south, back to the island life of Pinellas County, I had an interesting moment. The sign that read “SOUTH” really stuck out to me - there was an odd familiarity in that word. And I thought, “all my life I’ve been heading south on some interstate, just trying to get home.”

My thoughts went back to my young days in Nashville - exploring the streets of that city and looking for the meaning of life. Trying to make a “go” of a music career, but not knowing where to start. Playing what venues I could, and listening at what venues I couldn’t. Many of those nights I’d leave the downtown area discouraged, blazing south on interstate 65 toward my hometown 21 miles away. And the sense of relief when that suburb came into view, to a 21-year-old wandering kid, was unmatched.

I then thought about other southbound journeys in my life, like the journey of moving to Florida in 2014. Leaving a tough season behind, gaining high hopes and a sense of relief, and not looking back.

As I drove home from Tampa that chilly night in 2022, I started to put a song together in my head. And by the time I got home, most of the lyrics to “Southbound” were written.

“Southbound” at first was kind of an introspective bluegrass song, but a few months ago I tried it to a reggae beat, and decided to make it more of an upbeat song that you can tap your foot to.

I really hope you enjoy this tune, and there are some links below where you can download or stream it.

Also, a special thanks to my brother Cameron Childs for designing the artwork for the single. Great job!

Yes - I do intend for this song, as well as “Sunset Beach”, to be part of a second album I’m working on. I pray I can finish it quick and get it out to you all. But producing a record by yourself isn’t easy! Stay tuned though, because I’m hoping for great things.

God bless,


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